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Create the SCORM online courses quickly and easily
using the simple web-based SCORM course builder.

(SCORM + Twitter Bootstrap + Markdown)

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About the SCORM Course Builder

FineCreator is a web-based course builder for creating online courses
based on a SCORM standard and Twitter Bootstrap web technology.

Responsive courses

FineCreator uses Twitter Bootstrap. Your content will be correctly displayed on any devices, desktop computers, tablets,
and smartphones.

SCORM standard

Create your courses based on a SCORM standard, which means that you can use your courses in any learning management system (LMS).

SCORM cloud

All your courses are stored in a cloud. After finishing your courses, export them into SCORM, download and use in any LMS.

FineCreator Course Builder Features

For example, we select some of the features:


SCORM menu

Multi-level main menu with a list of study topics / chapters.


Page types

Five types of study content pages, HTML, Image, Markdown, Question, Video.


Twitter Bootstrap

Possibility to insert Bootstrap
objects in a HTML page.


HTML & Markdown content editors

A simple web editors for creating HTML or Markdown study content.

Prepared objects

Prepared Twitter Bootstrap objects
as buttons, lists, alerts, etc.

Study progress

Possibility to remember learning progress in a course.


Page timer

Timer for the compulsory page display on the screen.

Page timing

Automatic switching pages over the time.

Background audio

Accompanying spoken word and background music.

Sharing study objects

Sharing study objects in multiple courses.


SCORM player

Courses preview after exporting
in a SCORM player.


SCORM export

Courses export in different versions of SCORM.

How does It Work?

A quick review how to work with the course builder in a few steps.

First, create a free account here. Just put your e-mail into the registration form and submit. Check your e-mail for log-in info. Log into FineCreator clicking LOG IN upper right on the top of the page.

Second, create a course. Simply type a course title and click CREATE.

Third, create a course menu. Course menu (menu items) represents the main topics of the course.

Fourth, create study object (SCO) for each menu item or connect the existing one if you created them before.

Fifth, create pages for each SCO. You can use the simple HTML content, upload PowerPoint images as a single page or create a simple survival question.

At last, if your course is finished, export it to the SCORM file. After the export, you can preview the course in a SCORM player. If it is everything OK, download the zip file and use the course in any Learning Management System (LMS).

FineCreator Works with These LMS

In this paragraph, let’s talk about the most widely used learning management systems in which you can upload your SCORM courses
created in FineCreator Course Builder.

Fine LMS

Fine LMS

SCORM builder ratingSCORM builder ratingSCORM builder ratingSCORM builder ratingSCORM builder rating

Works with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 export, moreover, it includes enhanced functionality for moving between learning objects (SCOs) with a single button from the start to the end of the course.

Fine LMS web page


SAP Litmos

SAP Litmos

SCORM builder ratingSCORM builder ratingSCORM builder ratingSCORM builder rating

Works with SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 export.

SAP Litmos web page

Talent LMS

Talent LMS

SCORM builder rating

Works with SCORM 1.2 export, but only in a “new window” mode and only with one study object (SCO) in a course.

Talent LMS web page



SCORM builder ratingSCORM builder rating

Works with SCORM 1.2 export.

Moodle web page

As a Result, It Costs Only Two Coffees per Month


You can pick a plan that works for your business model with this course builder. 

No credit cards needed during the registration process.


Case Study


As corporate e-learning was often synonymous with complex and expensive animations a few years ago, it was virtually useless in smaller companies. However, times are changing and the essence of e-learning too. Nowadays, we increasingly encounter the need to deliver learning content clearly and efficiently with no need of complex animation or complicated interactivity of a learner and the content.

Efficient e-learning in a modern company is at the heart of the matter and that is to deliver a study content to an employee and capture its (not) understanding. During our work on e-learning since 2005, we found out that one of the most common causes of e-learning implementation failure was the study content or its creation. Though there are a number of tools for creating educational content on the market (Authoring tools), their prices are not low. Moreover, learning how to work with these tools requires a lot of time. And because the time is also money, the price of e-learning ultimately rises. Having an e-learning course created by an external company is extremely expensive and inefficient.


We have therefore analysed the most common forms of educational content that small and medium-sized businesses deliver to their employees. Mostly they are legally stipulated trainings, or internal regulations in the form of common study texts supplemented with pictures, or common PowerPoint presentations or just simple quiz questions for interaction with the employee. The punchline is simple and that is first to deliver study content and then get back the information whether the employee has understood the content of study or not.


On the basis of the knowledge, we have decided to create a simple authoring tool for small and medium-sized businesses, trainers and education organizations that need to deliver a simple form of learning content to their employees or clients. Thus, FineCreator has been created as a simple web-based tool for creating e-learning courses without any programming knowledge.


After that, these companies also trust us:

Terno real estate, s.r.o.
Winners Group, a.s.
Pyroconsulta, s.r.o.

In conclusion, there are many reasons why to use this SCORM Course Builder
in your company as you can see in the following:

"Very simple SCORM course builder through which our company processed all the trainings required by the law."

– Ing. Pavol Hadzima,
Senior Product Manager

Winners Group, a.s.

"Create your online courses without complicated learning and asking "How?" It's intuitive."

– PhDr. Vladimír Burčík, PhD.

University Professor


"FineCreator is a very simple tool for creating online courses to train our employees."

– Renáta Púčková,
HR Specialist

TERNO real estate, s.r.o.



So, if you have any questions on the simple SCORM Course Builder, feel free to contact us.

Our Company


Address: J. Kozáčeka 13, 960 01 Zvolen, Slovakia (EU)

Email: info (at) finecreator (dot) com



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